Bard Advanced will provide complex and better responses says Google

In December last year, Google announced that it would launch the Bard Advanced AI chatbot, which is going to be powered by the most powerful Gemini Ultra LLM, in early 2024. Moreover, when Google shared that Bard Advanced will provide “complex, better responses.” Now, a new report has revealed Bard with support for Bard Advanced.

According to 9To5Google, a glitch that affected Bard on Thursday prematurely served that the next version of Bard will support Bard Advanced. As per the screenshots, the drop-down at the top of the page shows you two options;

  • Bard – For simpler, faster responses
  • Bard Advanced – For complex, better responses.

Samsung will be one of the first partners to test Gemini Ultra

For now, Bard runs Gemini Pro, which is based on GPT 3.5, while Gemini Ultra was touted to surpass GPT 4 standards in benchmarks. The Bard/Bard Advanced picker was also spotted in the Google app, where the ‘Assistant with Bard’ moniker was being removed. On Android, tapping on the ‘Advanced mode on mobile’ gives you access to ‘Google’s best AI models’.

As per a reader, on visiting, spotted some design changes (the page is not finished with design tweaks as of yet). However, the newer version vanished after a few minutes.

Besides, during the Unpacked event this week, where Samsung introduced the Galaxy S24 lineup, Google announced that Samsung will be one of the first partners to test Gemini Ultra, our largest model for highly complex tasks before it is available broadly to developers and enterprise customers later this year.


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